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SME Loans with the Best Interest Rates in One Place

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In-Principle Approval in 1-3 Days

Speed is a key value-add to our clients. Typically, an SME loan application will take 1-3 months. We guarantee you an in-principle approval (IPA) within 3 days!

When you choose us, you will be taking advantage of our strong relationships with banks and other financial institutions. These connections along with our proven loan financing processes will get you your loan in the quickest possible time.

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High Success Rate

Our team has particular proficiency in the loan financing process. We ensure that our specialists have current and intimate knowledge of the ever-changing criteria and policies held by lenders. We will take the time to understand the nuances of your business in order to connect you to the right lenders.

These capabilities along with our close on-the-ground relationships with lending officers make us extremely effective in facilitating loan financing for SMEs.

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Lowest Interest Rate & Maximum Size

Speaking to us is a choice to test your loan financing limits. We have expansive access to a wide range of lending institutions and we are keenly aware of their respective risk appetites.

We provide immediate access to this broad network, exploring every feasible lending option available to secure the most optimal loan solution. We will get you the most competitive loan rates and the highest loan quantum.

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SME Working Capital Loan

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With the intent of helping local enterprises to gain easier access to unsecured working capital financing amidst a bearish economy, the SME Working Capital Loan was launched in conjunction with SPRING to help boost cash flow and support growth amongst the SMEs in Singapore.

The purpose of the SME loan in Singapore was to provide the small medium enterprises in Singapore with sufficient cash flow for daily operations. Borrow up to SGD 300,000 with a repayment period of up to 5 years.

  • Companies registered and operating in Singapore
  • Companies with at least 30% local shareholdings (Permanent Residence included)
  • Companies with yearly revenues below SGD 100,000,000.

SME Micro Loan

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Compelled with a vision of providing the small medium enterprises with easier access to unsecured SME loans in Singapore, the SME Micro Loan was created in conjunction with SPRING to ensure that SMEs had access to working capital financing for use in their daily operations.

To help SMEs in Singapore, SPRING had to encourage the banks and lending institutions to continue lending to SMEs. To do this, SPRING shares the risk of loan defaults with the participating financial institution in the event of company insolvency. To further encourage lending, SPRING extended their risk exposure to cover SME Micro Loans that were disbursed to companies under 3 years old. Borrow up to SGD 100,000 with a repayment period for up to 5 years.

  • Companies registered and in Singapore
  • At least 30% of your company’s shareholding is local
  • Annual Sales Turnover of not exceeding S$1 million or not more than 10 employees
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Business Financing Solutions


Get the best SME SME loans in Singapore with the lowest rates. Includes the SPRING SME Working Capital Loan, SME Micro Loan, Crowdfunding, Start Up business loans for doctors, and bridging loans for Marine and Offshore Engineering companies.

Dream big, think growth, get both!


Do wonders with Commercial and Home Property Loans. Homes loans of up to 80% of a of the property valuation price, and Commercial Property loans of up to 120% of the valuation price.

Get the lowest interest rates with Capable Loans today. Flexibility of fixed or floating interest rates for up to 30 years.


Get the best deals for Commercial Renovation loans in Singapore. Be at liberty to shape and design your commercial property to however you like it to be. Take advantage of the low rates, with repayment terms of up to 5 years.


Trade finance – the backbone of global trading. Unlike business loans, a trade finance facility does not need to be immediately utilized.

Its purpose is to ensure that a business has enough cash flow to tide through periods of heavy capital outflows. Includes Invoice Factoring, Invoice Financing, Purchase Order Financing, Merchant Cash Advance (MCA), and Overdraft lines.


With faster approvals and more flexibility, personal loans can be used as urgent bridging loans to tide over short periods of cash flow shortage, while awaiting approvals and disbursements for business loans.

Similarly, personal loans can also be channeled into your business to boost cash flows, for the purpose of qualifying for the business loans. Borrow up to 14x your monthly salary with repayment terms of up to 5 years!


One of the latest additions that has been widely accepted into the alternative lending (Fin-tech) space.

The modern concept of crowdfunding leverages on the use of an online platform to raise capital for projects, start ups, or existing businesses, from retail or accredited investors.

Typically includes short-term bullet loans, mid-term loans, invoice financing, spot invoice factoring, equity funding, and asset based financing.