No more TDSR troubles.


Having trouble with getting a property loan? Let us help you to ease those worries. With a myriad of property loans available for a variety of property types, such as condominiums, landed houses, HDB flats, private apartments, or even commercial properties, getting a property loan be confusing. At Capable Loans, we are often able to overcome TDSR problems. We will help you to get that dream home or property.


If you already own a property and need some cash flow, you could consider a property refinance or a cash-out on the property. Get cash flow with your property. Capable Loans will help to make the process hassle free. Even if you have TDSR problems, we can find ways to work around those problems. Let us guide you through the process of getting your residential home loan, commercial property loan, or an industrial property loan. Make your enquiry with us today. Come and apply for a loan with us.

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Let us help you secure a property loan today

If you are unable to qualify for business term loans, but happen to own property in Singapore, refinance your property to enhance your cash flow. Our loan specialists will be able to advice you on the best option to raise capital.

business finance


Min. $100,000

borrow money quickly


Up to 20 years

Property financing Singapore


1.5%-3.5% per annum


For illustration purpose:

Director of ABC Pte. Ltd. has a private residential property with a valuation of  $1 million and its outstanding mortgage loan is $200,000.

He has the option to pledge his property, in return for a business working capital loan of up to 80% of the $1 million valuation. (i.e a working capital loan of $800,000)

Out of the $800,000 term loan, $200,000 will be used to redeem the outstanding mortgage loan and the remaining $600,000 will be disbursed as the working capital loan to ABC Pte. Ltd.

There will be 2 repayment options to service the $800,000 loan:
  1. Principal + Interest monthly payments (amortization) - fixed monthly installment with tenure of min. 1 year to a max. of 10 years.
  2. Interest servicing option - only service the interest portion monthly/advance upfront interest to be offset from the loan amount, thereafter a bullet repayment of the principal amount. Tenure of 1 year with the option to extend for an additional 1 year.

** Interest Servicing Only Option ** NEW

  • Interest Servicing Term Loan
  • Pay only interest throughout the entire contractual period, principal repayment would only be at the end of contract.

Flexible Option:

  1. monthly interest payment OR
  2. upfront interest payment for the entire year/contract period


  • Ease cash flow
  • No TDSR implications
  • Residential property pledged under company account will not be reflected in personal record