Helping small businesses grow,
one small business loan at a time.

Up to $100,000

4 Year Repayment Period

50% - 70% Risk Share

The SME Micro Loan, which is a small business loan program in Singapore is targeted at smaller and newer businesses. They may apply for up to S$100,000 with up to a 4-year repayment period.

For businesses that have been in operations for less than 3 years, SPRING stands in as a guarantor for 70% of the loan default risk. This would open up the micro loan to emerging businesses that are usually seen to have high default risk. Emerging businesses make up 90% of all local enterprises.

To qualify, businesses must be registered and operating in Singapore. They must have a minimum of 30% local shareholding. Annual sales should be less than S$1 million or employed less than 10 workers. Group annual sales must be less than S$100 million or group employment size must not be more than 200.

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