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Start Up Business Loan to Expand Your Medical Practice

Tailored to individual needs and requirements, the start up business loan is especially popular among doctors and have assisted many in the field to launch and expand their own private practices.

This financing solution has helped many medical professionals to:

– Improve cash flow
– Enhance financial budgeting
– Seize expansion opportunities

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Start Up Business Loan Options for Your Business

One of the main reasons that startup businesses fail is that they struggle to obtain sufficient funding.

If you are running a startup business, it is important that you know and understand the different ways to raise funds for your business.

In order to operate a new business successfully, an entrepreneur should know that it is essential to have enough working capital to operate the startup business.

Here are a few of the best loan options available to a startup business in Singapore.

Equity Funding

Raising funds through the sale of equity in your startup business is a popular method raising funds for working capital.

You need to sell your business idea and convince prospective investors that your business will make money for them. To accomplish this, you will need to have an innovative business idea, a solid execution plan, justifiable cash flow projections, an effective working team and a really good sales pitch.

In most cases, investors earn their returns via dividends on the shares they hold in your company. This means that their returns will be determined by the profitability and success of your business.

Venture Capital Funding

A typical Venture Capital is usually a fund that invests in startup businesses. The general idea for any Venture Capitalist is that the potential upside from a successful startup business significantly outweighs the limited downside – which is usually a small initial investment.

With venture capital funding, investors tend to want to be involved in the business, which has both pros and cons.

While a venture capital investor can offer much expertise and experience in running a business, this can sometimes lead to a control struggle.

Venture Capital firms usually look to make a profitable exit from their investments within a period of 2 to 5 years.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in venture capital firms placing their focus on high growth tech startups, where returns could potentially be multiples of an initial investment.

Government Assisted Financing Scheme

Enterprise Singapore is a government agency that seeks to support enterprise development in Singapore.  The agency has initiated a number of start up business loan schemes that can help to fund startups through different stages of growth.

In order to obtain any of these government backed start up business loans, your business will have to pass the eligibility criteria, which might vary slightly from back to bank.